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 Shortly after graduation, Kathy joined a team of natural therapists and became one of the owner/operators of a clinic on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, where she practiced nutrition consulting.

Kathy believes that some hereditary diseases, won’t necessarily manifest if we eat well and our body is in balance. Whole, live and good quality food makes a difference and depleted soil may produce malnourished bodies which disease can prey on. She feels that by providing people with education, strategies and options, they may be better able to maintain optimum health.

Kathy has a collaborative approach with other health professionals, which is invaluable to her clients. She stays current with research and trends specific to the nutrition industry.

She hopes to assist you in making better informed decisions about your health and wellness, and in turn, learn and be inspired by you!

Kathy can help you:

  • take more control of your health
  • make a nutritional plan and learn better eating habits
  • learn to maintain good lifestyle habits
  • relieve allergies and decrease food sensitivities
  • increase nutrient absorption
  • cleanse and detoxify
  • build strong immunity
  • increase bowel health
  • rejuvenate your skin
  • balance hormones
  • enhance concentration

Kathy can show you how to find relief from these health problems with a solid nutritional plan that is easy to begin and easy to maintain.

She has also worked with troubled teens at the Vancouver School Board, and as a youth worker for over 15 years, where she counselled and supported them to reach success in academics, life skills, social skills, nutrition and vocation.

Kathy is also the mother of two and can relate to the stresses and pressures of providing optimal nutrition for your family.

My interest in health and nutrition, passion for the outdoors and dedication to help others, has shaped my own wellness philosophy. I believe that treating each person as a whole is essential in order to balance a relationship between body, mind and spirit.

As I educate you in the areas of whole foods nutrition and lifestyle, I can assist you with setting realistic goals, reaching them and maintaining them.