What is an RHN?
A Registered Holistic Nutritionist looks at the whole person and suggests organizational techniques, lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes and nutritional supplements. The role of a RHN is to empower you and encourage you to make lasting change.

What does an RHN do?
An RHN designs a plan with your goals in mind – bringing modern science and ancient traditions together.

What can I expect?
Kathy will listen to your goals and needs. She will devise a plan to assist you in meeting your expectations. After a full assessment, Kathy will develop a personalized diet and lifestyle plan which will focus on optimizing your health. You can expect a follow up visit to help maintain your plan or tweak any recommendations.

Are nutritional consultations and workshops covered by medical insurance?
RHN’s are covered by most health plans. If you have health coverage, submit the receipt for reimbursement. If not, you may be able to submit your receipt as a tax write off at the end of the year under health expenses.

Can I write off my child’s special health diet?
Yes, you can write off a percentage. Keep all your receipts for the specialty foods you buy and include them in your income taxes.

Do you have free nutritional consultations?
Yes, I offer one free 15 min nutritional consultation to provide you with an opportunity to see if my program will fit for you

What do your programs include?
Individual Assessments including:
Diet – customized meal plans, nourishing traditions, information, plan of action, recipes,
Supplements – reputable brand names, what to avoid
Lifestyle – sleep, stress, environment, exercise,
Inner balance – relaxation techniques, emotions
Group Workshops including:
Fermentation classes, corporate wellness packages, lunch and learn, cooking demonstrations, shopping tours

Are you registered?
Yes, I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


For question not listed here,please feel free to send me a message through the contact form.