A better way for you and your family to eat healthy!  An Eco-friendly vertical aeroponic growing system.

Grow in or outdoors, it’s self-sustainable and the wave of the future.

The Tower Garden kit includes everything you need to start growing. It is easy to assemble.

At any age, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year-round, without soil

-Self-sustainable and eco-friendly.
-Grows 20-28 plants in 30-50% less time than soil
-Low cost to maintain
-Enjoyable and a teaching tool for all ages
-FREE lesson plans for every grade! Garden grants can be used for Tower Gardens
-Uses 90% less water and nutrients than traditional growing

Tower gardens grow plants up to 3x faster than traditional growing methods and increases yields by an average of 30%

To learn more about how Tower Garden by JuicePLUS+ works,
the research behind it or media/news reports and testimonials
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or email me at kathy@vitalflora.ca